This Irish Life

This Irish Life 23 – The Flooded Starfort Mystery

April 20, 2017

The boys havin da craic, chatting about flooded starforts. Everybody knows about the pyramids and megalithic stones scattered all over the world. Everybody knows that archaeologists have been excavating pyramids, megaliths and old city ruins since the 1800s. This is almost totally how both our traditional history and the many popular alternate history scenarios are framed. However, you don’t often come across starforts in either of these histories, you are never told that they are also all over the world in abundance and they too require excavation due to being covered in a deep layer of mud to some extent or another. Nobody is excavating them or even talking about them. Maybe that’s because they were supposedly only built as recently as 400 years ago and we have had no history of a mudflood capable of such devastation within that timeframe……or did we? Shooz and Dug investigate the evidence on site from the starfort of Charlesfort in Kinsale, Co. Cork. There is a very interesting and thought-provoking story to be told amongst these mud-flooded starfort remains, you might just see the world a bit differently afterwards!

The bollox alert this of podcast is possibly the biggest Bollox Alert you've ever heard, there's a simple Hot Topic to be remembered and plenty of banter. This was one epic podcast and an absolute pleasure to record. Whoop whoop.   

The sound is a bit up and down for the first 5 minutes but it is pretty solid after that.

This full podcast is also available with video on Youtube - where you can see Shooz and Dug on site walking around, showing a few interesting points to note with the massive starfort structure, some pictures of starforts around the world and some lovely views of the bay - available on YouTube at the link below. 


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