This Irish Life

This Irish Life 35 - Lost Irish Wisdom & Atlantis

March 6, 2018

The boys havin da craic, chatting about Irish Wisdom again and setting it into the bigger picture of Atlantis and other lost civilisations! What world was it that was lost in the past few hundred years? The world of the Brehon law, the 7 Grades of Wisdom, ogham, nature magic, majestic buildings and architecture, large scale mining and quarrying. The world where humans coexisted with giants, titans, elves and the 'gods'. A world of mystery and magic. This podast tries to determine who were the Irish in this world, and what was the world that Ireland interacted with. 

The Bollox Alert and the Hot Topic for the first time are one in the same - not surprising considering the world of contradictions we find ourselves trapped within! 

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