This Irish Life

This Irish Life 36 - The Path of Least Resistance

March 13, 2018

The boys havin da craic, chatting about the path of least resistance on the journey of life and how to get to happiness in a busy, often stressful, unnatural world. There is so much distracting us from our true power and potential. We can spend most of our days disoriented and trapped in negative thinking patterns which we must learn to untangle. There are some amazing ways to do this and when you do it, the process will free thoughts and dreams to flowly more freely into our life. Some call it the 'law of attraction', 'the secret', 'thoughts become things', 'the flow', 'good vibrations', 'resonance' and many other descriptions but it is all essentially the same group of principles and the techniques that allow everyone to apply these principles successfully. There seems to be a magic of good and a power (source/God/soul/spirit) beyond our 5 senses that exists to guide us and create with us the world of our dreams. We just forgot it! Now it's time to remember and succeed.

The Bollox Alert does most people's thinking for them and the Hot Topic is the way to our dreams.

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