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This Irish Life 39 - Strength & Conditioning for Mind,Body, Soul with Special Guest Eoin Crowley

April 5, 2018

The boys havin da craic, chatting with Eoin Crowley about the different ways we can all strengthen and condition our minds, bodies and souls. So many amazing, exciting and inspiring options to choose from delivering real life-improvements. 

As we get older, (we are both 35), have children, pay bills, and start running on treadmill of life there are many experiences we encounter along the way that weaken us. Life as we know it and accept it today is pretty toxic and most of the world is diseased in one way or another. That is why it is so vital the we all understand how to strengthen ourselves and becme more bullet-proof in mind, body and soul. This is not a drill. It is time to get training, and get conditioned on mutiple level's before it's too late......

The Bollox Alert is shines a light on amino acids and the Hot Topic is will get your motor going!

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