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This Irish Life 12 - Super-Power of Breathing & Wim Hof

November 9, 2016

The boys havin' da craic and discussing the super-power of breathing and oxygen related to some amazing techniques that are being used to gain fantastic health and immunity. The natural state of the body and mind is to be strong, healthy and happy if functioning correctly. This is another way to get there.....

Based on the work of The Iceman Win Hof, holder of 27 world records for superhuman feats, this information is very exciting! Scientists and practitioners all over the world are backing the argument that anybody can use a simple combination of breath, cold baths/showers and meditation to replicate some of the body responses exhibited by Hof. We discuss the science behind it and what's going on according to Hof and his team of scientists and researchers. The practical applications in daily life for normal people are far-reaching -  relief from illness, helping depression and anxiety, treating auto-immune disorders, increased energy, great nights sleep, much much more and if you want to take it far enough, go superhuman on it!

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